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A fixture on the Boston television scene as a graphics producer and feature writer on Boston Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics telecasts for the past thirty years, Leo White came upon a writing career out of necessity rather than as an avocation. However, what started as a necessary endeavor morphed itself into a burning passion with atypical results for someone in his field.

In addition to his television work White was also employed as a producer at the fabled Fleetwood Recording Studio; back in the day when vinyl ruled while videotape recording was in its infancy and the digital industry was something talked about in futuristic terms. During his ten year tenure at Fleetwood, Leo served as producer for many of their renowned sports recordings and it was during this time that his writing talent came to the forefront as he was asked to also serve in the capacity of copy editor before assuming the role of lead writer. Out of necessity was born a passion and a creativity that seemed boundless.

Forsaking the staid journalistic approach of television reporting, Leo began to use a storytelling mode as he expanded his endeavors from the Fleetwood studio to the world of Boston television. Legendary sportscaster Ken Coleman, and later Sean McDonough, picked up on his ability to relate a story and started pushing him in a different direction. But it wasn’t until the challenge of a dear friend was made did he decide to give the storytelling thing a chance. And the challenge was a daring one: write a book --- a novel --- that did not take place in the world of athletics.

Said challenge was accepted and met. He produced a work called Eternal Damnation; a gender thriller played out on a global stage with the central protagonists being a male president and a female vice president of the United States. Not looking to embark on a new career, White allowed his peers and close friends to be the judges of his work and they found it to be enjoyable reading. Then, from the friend who had issued the challenge, came a request. Could he write a story that might serve as her self-emancipation? A story line was suggested and Leo took it from there and thus came the work which proved to be a labor of love entitled Next to Never.

Soon to follow was the tome Prodigal Parish. Then, after several years of literary inactivity, Leo found himself in a weekly and intense conversation with a pair of waitress friends who seemed to delight in revealing their unattainable fantasies, which they believed would make a good book. Each week he wrote a chapter to share with them and they were soon urging him to publish what was to become known as Dirty Girl.

Aware of the uphill struggle trying to publish a book encompassed he agreed to give it a try but he was not intent on expending the diligent work and sweat that might be needed to reach a publishing goal. That is until another challenge came his way in the form of guidelines. Dirty Girl was good enough to be published but only after certain subjects had been removed or altered because of sensitivity issues a certain readership might find offensive, he was told. Like the Lost Generation writers who came before him White decided that substance took preference over immediate capital gains and so the site was developed so his readership could enjoy his work and he was free to write without one arm tied behind his back.



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