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Dirty Girl

Dream dalliance leads to betrayal and distrust

A mystery lover who visits while she sleeps.
A husband trying to confront a threat which does not exist.
A burning desire to taste the forbidden.
A chance at betrayal before it’s too late.

Dirty Girl Review

"White’s novel describes an unsatisfying marriage, a wife’s pursuit of a mystery lover she only sees in her dreams, her husband’s jealousy and the effects their children suffer from their struggling union.

As Holly Mauer approaches 40, she feels her marriage has become lackluster and unsexy. She dreams about a mystery man whose face she can’t make out other than a pair of shockingly blue eyes; her frustration worsens and her restlessness increases. A squirm-worthy scene during which Holly attempts to enact her dream while her youngest son is in the bed with her and her husband forces Holly to reveal her dreams and her dissatisfaction to her husband, Justin. This sets off a jealous rage and a host of problems for everyone in the family. After graphic and either naive or malicious attempts (it’s nearly impossible to tell) to revive the couple’s sex life don’t work, Justin realizes he can’t compete with the man in Holly’s dreams. Holly’s encounter with Bryce Pyliotis, whose eyes match her dream lover’s, leads to her obsession with making her fantasy a reality. Bryce, written almost as a superhero in his charm and integrity, begins to struggle with his feelings for her as well. The suspense and anticipation seem as if they’ll never pay off and as if the reader will never witness any intimate scenes between Holly and Bryce. The tale is well-told and interspersed with erotic dreams that mesh with the rest of the story, and the love triangle adds dramatic tension and momentum. An uncomfortable beginning transforms into a well-written examination of what happens when a marriage gets stale and one or both people become restless and try to act on their nagging desires.

An erotic examination of how to handle martial strife poorly.

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Dirty Pictures

Sexual liberation tempered by sexual extortion

Reluctant participants in a sexual extortion ring gone wrong.
Forced to defend family before good names are sullied.
Sexual tension gripping a community unaccustomed to it.

Dirty Pictures Review

"A young man struggles to cope with his raging hormones in this sexually charged novel of murder and lust.

Bobby has big problems. His parents split up after his mother admitted to an affair. He just graduated, works at a bar and lives with his relatives next to a woman who routinely opens her windows while changing and entertaining men in the bedroom. Bobby turns to his family for advice about sex, but he finds the most compelling help comes from a married woman who makes it clear she’d happily give Bobby some hands-on experience. Add to this mix a high school girl Bobby likes whose virginal reputation has also caught the attention of a guy who carries around a lewd picture he claims is of her. The picture leads to all sorts of mayhem for everyone involved, including pornography, blackmail and death. While White’s novel leans heavily toward the sensational, his careful plotting in his new book reveals a masterfully manipulated chain of connections. When the characters speak, however, they all sound alike, each preaching a heady, conflicting mix of sexual adventurousness coupled with heavy-handed judgments about what is or is not appropriate for consenting adults. The book tackles several serious issues with an offensiveness insensitivity: An attempted rape of a young woman causes concern, but Bobby hopes the assault has only made her easier to seduce; women explore their sexuality together, only to crumble afterwards with self-loathing, reviled by others; a paralyzed man admits he can no longer be a real father to his son now that he is only “half a man.” What could have been an exciting sexual romp via the perspective of a libidinous teenager turns into a moralistic and intolerant exploitation of sexual proclivities and orientations. The story seems intended to excite and then shame the reader with each graphic sexual encounter.

A cleverly plotted novel that chastises its characters for their sexuality."

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